by Craig Cohen

By connecting your employee data across all of your HR systems, you can create a single system of record to simplify your processes, reduce data errors and drive your business forward.

Businesses today have a wealth of options when it comes to digital HCM tools and services. HR teams increasingly rely on technology to onboard new hires, manage benefits, administer training and much more. The downside? Disparate systems can lead to siloed data, valuable time spent on manual administrative work, duplicate data entry and frequent errors.

The average company has 19 integration touch points — connections between two systems — where data is pulled and pushed from one to another. Yet only 17% of organizations report having a regularly updated enterprise integration strategy reports Sierra-Cedar.

That leaves a massive window of opportunity to combine your systems of record through effective data integration and make better use of your HR and payroll data.

By connecting your employee data across all of your HR systems, you can create a single system of record to simplify your processes, reduce data errors and drive your business forward by spending more time on what really matters: taking care of your people

Through ADP Marketplace, a digital HR storefront of solutions that share data between ADP® and third-party solutions, companies can better keep their HR data up to date across systems, plus save time and money on manual data entry. They can also implement new apps to solve for challenges like hiring and onboarding, employee communications, learning management and more.

At vitamin manufacturer International Vitamin Corporation (IVC), HRIS and Compensation Manager Macie Benjelloun, estimates her company has saved at least $60,000 by switching from manual to automated processes with apps from ADP Marketplace. IVC has implemented data connectors for iCIMS and SAP Concur to share data with the company’s current applicant tracking system and expense tracking platform.

“If we didn’t have the pre-built integrations and connections readily available to us via ADP Marketplace, it would have cost us four times as much to find a developer to build the integration,” Benjelloun says, noting that the integrations allow HR more time for strategic work. “At IVC, the goal is to move from paper to automating our HR processes. So far, ADP Marketplace has played a key role in helping us reach that objective.”

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ADP Workforce Now® Essential Learning provides a seamless way to administer training and development courses across an organization. With pre-packaged courses, instructor-led training capabilities, easy-to-use course administration and assignment, and more – organizations are well-equipped with what they need to deploy their learning system. As part of an all-in-one HR suite, Essential Learning provides an easier way for organizations to manage and develop their workforce. Learn more about Essential Learning.

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