The Future of Pay Empowers Workers with Choice

by Belinda Reany The key is opening the door to payment options that go beyond the traditional. The world of work is changing as emerging technologies transform everything from how people collaborate and perform to get work done to...

3 Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices Supported by HCM Technology

As HR leaders develop strategies to create workplaces that are engaging, supportive and empowering to LGBTQ employees, human capital management technology can help.

Communicating HR Tech Changes to Your Organization

Through effective communications, you can empower your employees to learn new skills and adapt well to workplace changes.

Is Blockchain in HR’s Future?

Blockchain. The much-hyped technology is the backbone of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that’s experienced massive market movements recently.
Woman operating a drill press in a factory

What We’re #WorkingFor

ADP launches a new brand identity and tagline of “Always Designing for People.”
Woman in office environment playing with a dog

HR Recruitment Software: Risk, Rewards and Returns

When recruiting technology investments are approached as an opportunity, rather than a requirement, the chances are higher of achieving measurable results, reducing risk and driving significant returns.