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Businesses that prioritize inclusion are driving greater value for their organizations and their workers.

In this Workforce News Minute video below, Tiffany Davis, ADP Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, explains how intentional focus on inclusion can boost the bottom line. 

Video transcript

Inclusion is so important as you think about this strategy because inclusion is the act of workers feeling welcome, but also valued, which I think is important. And inclusion is truly important before you can actually appreciate the differences, which is the diversity facet of this equation.

No one wants to be invited to something if they don’t feel like they’re truly having a genuine invitation from someone.

So, I think inclusion is truly important for diversity to be able to flourish within any organization and for us to truly be able to respect, appreciate and leverage the similarities as well as the differences of workers and people.

So when you think about that from the perspective of the business case, it’s very important to think about the impact that inclusion and diversity can actually have on, not only just innovation, but revenue, profitability, creativity, and also the ability to continue to solve problems. So as I think about the case, I think the evolution continues to happen as the future of work also continues to change as well.

This article originally appeared on SPARK powered by ADP.

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