3 Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices Supported by HCM Technology

As HR leaders develop strategies to create workplaces that are engaging, supportive and empowering to LGBTQ employees, human capital management technology can help.

Communicating HR Tech Changes to Your Organization

Through effective communications, you can empower your employees to learn new skills and adapt well to workplace changes.

Is Blockchain in HR’s Future?

Blockchain. The much-hyped technology is the backbone of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that’s experienced massive market movements recently.

Improving the Employee Experience Through Diversity

To retain their high performing talent, organizations are focusing on improving their employee experience by fostering employee engagement.

HR[preneur] Episode 15: Is Your Hiring Process Biased?

The hiring process can be long and costly, which is why some employers are turning to data-driven algorithms that promise to deliver qualified candidates in a fraction of the time, all while eliminating human bias.

Calculating the True Cost to Hire Employees

Assessing the real cost to hire employees involves factoring in benefits, marketing and training expenses which can significantly add to total employer costs.

What Finance Leaders Need to Know About Pay Transparency

Transparency in the workplace is powerful — looking at pay transparency strategically can add value for both employees and employers. Here are three factors to consider.

3 Ways to Elevate Your Talent Management Strategy with Workforce Data

By focusing on new approaches to retention — powered by workforce data — organizations can develop effective, customized solutions to their talent needs.

The Case for AI and Machine Learning in Talent Management

The future is already here; artificial intelligence and machine learning can help create HR process efficiencies and improve candidate experience.

One Year Later: Why HR Leaders Should Still Be Paying Attention to GDPR

GDPR has now been in effect for more than a year. How has the compliance landscape changed? What can organizations expect in the coming months?