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The almost overnight presence of a huge remote workforce has prompted HR professionals in Canada to refocus, re-evaluate and innovate. This is especially apparent when it comes to performance management and remote employee feedback. As the pandemic trudges on, performance management is strategically evolving. Increasingly, it is less about identifying and weeding out poor performers and more about making empathetic assessments that help to strengthen employees, fortify the organisation’s culture and reinforce its values.

Technology provides the tools to achieve objectives more efficiently. Remote work can produce significant benefits for employers and employees. However, managing a remote workforce involves greater focus on skills like coaching, stress management and active listening. Remote workers need to feel supported, recognized and understood. Managers/team leaders are clearly the lynchpins of successful employee engagement.

While the traditional annual performance review, a decades-old model, continues to rapidly lose its already fading luster in the COVID-19 era, this whitepaper explores:

  • How online platforms are making it easier than ever to engage new performance evaluation models
  • How Innovative Feedback and Strength-Based Review models are resulting in more favourable outcomes for employees, managers and their organisations.

New ways to achieve goals in a remote environment – shaped by rapid change – is testing the mettle of managers, HR professionals and their organisations. As they reset goals to adjust to change, the objective for all stakeholders remains constant – to thrive not merely survive.

Readers will take away:  

  • Research that supports a strong business case to introduce a new way of performing employee feedback
  • Actionable steps to conduct remote employee feedback and performance reviews
  • The do’s and don’t s of delivering remote employee feedback

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