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Consider how technology can improve transparency and add visibility to workforce data to identify gaps in diversity, equity and inclusion — which is becoming one of the main focus areas in the future of work.

Watch this segment from Cheddar News (TV network), sponsored by ADP, that features Giselle Mota, Principal, Future of Work for ADP. She shares her insights about using technology to create a culture that accounts for worker experience in hybrid, office, and remote environments and how technology can recreate human experiences to make hiring and onboarding easier. Learn how technology can help address transparency and provide visibility into diversity data; essential to creating an environment of belonging and inclusion.

Watch this video, below, to learn more about the cultural technology trends shaping the future of work following COVID-19’s impact on the workforce.

The video segment covers these topics beginning at these times:

0:40 – Trends fueling success for remote work

1:37Removing location boundaries to get to the skills employers need

2:30 – How technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are being used in the workplace to recreate human experiences

3:00 – Data visibility and insight such as organizational network analytics are being used to examine where gaps exist to create connection points.

3:49 – How mobile check-ins, surveys, engagement tools and touchless tech can help improve office safety

4:30 – How tech can make hiring and onboarding easier for employees

4:45 – Remote HR practices that create an environment of belonging and inclusion

5:33 – Create culture of connection through engagement tools

6:00 – How technology can improve transparency and add visibility to workforce data to identify gaps in diversity, equity and inclusion

How organizations can be empowered to take data-driven actions to create a culture of flexibility, belonging and equitable opportunities

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